Please forgive us.  We don’t actually know how you detox the human body.  To us, the word ‘detox’ has no scientific meaning when applied to physical activity – mostly because we’ve never found a peer reviewed study that shows physical activity, let alone Yoga, actually reduces, excretes, or otherwise eliminates toxins in the body – we do believe there is something about physical activity that purifies the neurological process we experience every minute of our lives.  We wouldn’t call that experience bliss, but maybe something a little more grounded.  And although we have personally found actual bliss while performing physical activity in nature, the day-to-day routine of a great Yoga class or a nice long run otherwise preserves our natural thinking process and rids our brains of a lot of useless junk (which is really all we need if you’re to talk about something a little more tangential than improving physical fitness).  If we may, consider this analogy: it’s sort of like that one hour in the morning right before and during your first cup of coffee.  That’s the experience of detoxing with physical activity.  It’s at once majestic and tranquilizing.  There’s no secret to it.  We’re not revealing something that many of you don’t already know.  Exercising simply sets up or resets your whole day – and earns you our definition of retox.

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